Available Now - First time merchants must sign up for 2 months

2 feet x 2 feet max 8ft high space

$300 - 1 MONTH
$825 - 3 MONTHS

Approx. $10/day

3 feet x 2 feet, max 8ft high space

$350 - 1 MONTH
$950 - 3 MONTHS

Approx. $12/day

Single Shelf Space - Sizes vary

$150 - 1 MONTH

Approx. $5/day


Available Now - First time merchants must sign up for 2 months

2 feet x 2 feet max 7ft high space

$250 - 1 MONTH
$675 - 3 MONTHS

Approx. $8/day

3 feet x 2 feet, max 7ft high space

$300 - 1 MONTH
$800 - 3 MONTHS

Approx. $10/day

Single Shelf Space -Sizes Vary


Approx. $3/day

What's Included

Merchant Responsibilities

Please read what's included and your merchant responsibilities below in detail before applying. 

All plans include the following services: 

  • A dedicated professional who is informed about your products.

  • Daily upkeep of both levels for all merchants.

  • Paper bag & tissue wrapping for each and every purchase. This is Made Inc. charges a 10% processing fee to the customer to help cover those costs and keep the makers rental cost lower. 

  • Store security via an alarm and door inventory sensor

    • See add on items for more information regarding door inventory sensors.

  • Inventory management via POS system.

  • Social Media & Media Outlet Recognition

    • This is Made will help brand your company through our Instagram via stories and reposts.

  • This is Made  website will provide an updated list of all merchants under the page “This is Us.” This will provide your business with added exposure, as your website (if applicable) will be listed on this page.

  • This is Made will be open 5 days a week. The boutique will be closed on all statutory holidays and for inclement weather. Extended hours may be provided when necessary during peak times and special events.

  • Full monthly earnings will be presented to you in the form of an cheque by the 3rd day of the following month. Should the 3rd day land on a statutory holiday or a day in which the business is closed, your earnings will be provided to you the next business day.

All merchants are responsible for the following:

  • A fixture for your products that fits within the boutique’s décor theme.

    • Please note: this piece must be approved by This is Made prior to move in. This is Made has the right to veto and request changes on how your space is set up for display.

    • To be fair to all merchants, This is Made will select where your space will be within the boutique.

  •  All merchants must have a business logo signage displayed within your space.

  • All products must be professionally priced and merchants must ensure they are pricing their products accordingly. 

    • All items will be rang through our main register with payouts being sent to vendors at the beginning of the net month. Please note you do not stay and sell the items yourselves. All products must be individually tagged with a price and product code - product code will be provided once payment has been made. We can not sell any items without a product code or price attached

  • All inventory must be uploaded into the This is Made POS system no later than 1 week prior to your space opening to our customers.

  • A weekly promotional post/story on all of your social media platforms (mainly Instagram & Facebook) of your products and/or display at This is Made.

  •  Weekly replenishment of products if and when necessary.

    • You are required and must be prepared to replenish when needed.

  • No merchant shall dismantle or remove any part of its display or products within the display before the monthly scheduled date as specified in our agreement. Any business who removes themselves from their space prior to the agreement end date and/or any material remaining after the cut off time may be removed by This is Made at the merchant’s expense.

  • A deposit of $100 via cheque is required and will only be dated and deposited should This is Made incur any damages to any part of the boutique from fixtures, move in/move out, early exit from space, etc. 

  • A 30 day cancellation notice must be given to This is Made should you not wish to continue to retail within the boutique.

  • Subletting space is prohibited. The merchant shall not assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of the space allocated by This is Made to any other business establishment. 

  • Certificate of Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.00 general liability coverage must be surrendered to This is Made at time of payment. This is a MANDATORY component to your approval process. Your payment will not be refunded and you will not be permitted to occupy your space until this certificate is submitted


At This is Made, we pride ourselves on providing both our merchants and customers with the finest quality products and services. In that being said, if at anytime you do not abide by the merchant responsibilities or are deemed to be an improper fit for our clientele, the owners of This is Made reserves the right to rescind, refuse or terminate this agreement at any time.